Case Study: WPP Health and Wellness

November 15, 2018

In our case studies, we look at our most notable clients and the work we've done for them, as well as sharing the whats, hows and whys. Here we look at how we added an additional biophilic element to WPP Health & Wellness’ London office.

About the client


WPP Health & Wellness is WPP’s new global health and wellness marketing and communications parent company. Their mission is to unleash the unlimited power of WPP to deliver superior partnerships and communications services to clients across all health industries. They work from a large office in Central London


What they asked for


WPP Health & Wellness were looking for us to supply and maintain interior office planting over two floors at their London office. With a focus on making a biophilic impact across the various spaces and layouts.


How we provided this


Focusing heavily on organic shapes and textures, the design we put forward is made up of floor standing plants and grouped planting. We worked with floorplans to map the planting, this was to ensure maximum green impact in each space as well as keeping the space functional.



























The pots and planting were chosen to complement the interiors across both floors, using the right plants for the light levels in those chosen areas. Using a selection of textured pots and soft, broad leaved planting, the floor standing plants and grouped planting is designed to feel inviting and organic in each space. We introduced planting at different sight lines with built-in cabinet planters and shelving with trailing plants. In total we provided 150 plants including a wide range of Philodendron, all varying in size and species, as well as huge Alocasia portadora, Strelitizia nicolai, Ficus lyrata, Beaucarnea recurvata and Areca Palms.



What the client says


‘When designing our new working environment, which we describe as a Wellness Lab™, our review of evidence led us to consider planting as an important and integral part of the design. Plant Designs made this feel very easy for us, working closely together on plant selection, to achieve not only an aesthetic goal but also to increase employees’ wellbeing through Biophilic Design. The impact has been significant, and we continue to work with closely Plant Designs, to help spread awareness of the importance of Biophilia at work and beyond.’


       - David Davenport-Firth MSc (Health Psych)
         Wellbeing Officer, WPP Health Practice


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