Case Study: Uncommon, Fulham

October 23, 2018

In our case studies, we look at our most notable clients and the work we've done for them as well as sharing the whats, hows and whys. Here we look Uncommons newest coworking space in Fulham.



About the client


Uncommon provide coworking spaces across London that focus on ergonomics, biophilia, sound, lighting and scent. Each one of their locations carries a strong design aesthetic, which is a large part of their brand identity. They continue to uphold their commitment to presenting creative yet calm environments.


What they asked for


Planting to complement the design and function of their newest location, Uncommon – Fulham, which opened in September 2018. The focus of the interior was to be a large, living tree in the café.


How we provided this


Using the floor plans provided, we put forward a plan in which we selected planting to complement each space aesthetically, as well as thrive horticulturally.



This included large planters for floor space in a range of textures and finishes; in greys, blacks and neutral colours. Each of these pots was planted with a single large species including Ficus lyrata, Ficus elastica and Strelitzia. We added small pots for shelving, table tops and credenzas, in a range of textures and finishes to reflect and build on the selection of large planters. These smaller pots were planted with smaller species including Sansevieria, Maranta and a selection of cacti and succulents.


The species of the large tree chosen for the Café was Ficus natida, this was based on the client’s desire for the look and feel for the space. The spread of the crown and shape/look of the trunk was hugely important, as the tree had to look mature from the offset. Based on the architects renders, we set about sourcing a tree that met the design but also performed horticulturally. We searched dozens of growers in the Netherlands, working closely with Uncommon on selection, until we found the right tree for the space. The tree was planted in a planter on wheels, allowing the tree to be turned regularly. This is to ensure equal amounts of natural light on each side of the tree, helping the tree to retain foliage all the way around. Lighting for the tree has been supplemented by 3 spot lamps.


Additional hanging plants were added a short while after the initial install, completely enclosing the space in abundance of green. We used a wide range of tailing plants, with contrasting textures, to create a very organic and overgrown feel. Species included; Cissus rhombifolia, Scindapsus aureum, Lepismum cruciforme, Rhipsalis paradoxa, Senecio Rowley, Tradescantia (variety).



What the client says


‘Forming a very close, working relationship with Plant Designs has helped sustain our Biophilic branding. Since the beginning of our partnership, their knowledge, experience and love of plants has kept our building one of the greenest in London!’

Jo, Uncommon


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