The Big Blooming Debate

October 19, 2018


Making a great first impression is essential, especially when you invite a client into your space. You want those walking through your reception to feel like you’re approachable, friendly and good at what you do. So, the popularity of plants in welcome spaces is no surprise, with fresh flowers being an effective quick fix and a regular go to. But we’re about to reveal a better way...



Fresh flower displays can incorporate many different floral varieties, however, once flowers are removed from the plant they aren’t able to receive the nutrients they need to stay alive. They may look bright and pert but they’re now in survival mode, during which, they’re not able to function as living plants usually would. Most cut flowers can be expected to last several days with proper care, this generally requires standing them in water in shade. Re-cutting the stems periodically will ensure that there is a fresh surface from which the stems can take up water and extend the life of your flowers… but honestly, who has time for that? Other ways to care for vase flowers includes keeping flowers away from ceiling fans and air-conditioning vents as this can lead to dehydration, however most commercial spaces rely on air conditioning to regulate temperature. In short, cut flowers are temporary and temperamental.


What if there was a better alternative?


We offer a floral range, which we call ‘FAB’ because we think it is just that. It also stands for ‘Fresh and Blooming’, as the plants in these displays are living and thriving, not just in survival mode. They provide all the appeal of cut flowers, with the benefits of living plants and all at a fraction of the cost.




Using mainly Phalaenopsis Orchids which offer a delicate aesthetic with the hardiness needed to survive in a commercial space. These plants are potted in beautiful planters to enhance any space, and because they are still alive, they continue to photosynthesise, releasing oxygen and absorbing toxins through their leaves - in particular, through their roots. It’s these living processes that make these plants better for your workplace and for the wellbeing of your employees and visitors, helping to cut down indoor air pollution which affects workplaces across the city.


Because these blooms can draw in all the moisture and nutrients they need, there’s no obligation to replace them weekly. In fact, we visit every two weeks to care for the plants and replace the display every 1 to 2 months to ensure consistent blooms. We only need to use vans when delivering and not for maintenance visits. This energy saved in changing our displays once a month or sometimes even bimonthly means that our FAB range has a smaller carbon footprint than ongoing deliveries of fresh flowers.


Of course, all of those perks are great but if you’re not yet swayed, maybe the price tag will turn your head.


Let’s say you receive weekly fresh cut flowers costing £65 a week, over the course of a year you’ll pay £3380. For a similar sized Orchid display from us you’ll pay £95 a month, working out as £1140 a year, giving you an annual saving of £2240.


So, with longer lasting blooms and better air quality, the only thing left to worry about is what to do with that huge saving.



Incredible facts about Orchids...





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