Jungle is Massive

March 13, 2018

With hashtags such as #urbanjungle, #jungalowstyle and #indoorjungle collectively racking up close to 1.5 million posts on Instagram, it’s fair to say the ‘Jungle’ trend is in full swing. But what does that mean for your space and how do you add a bit of wild to your office while still being functional?


Amazon recently took the jungle vibe to the next level with the opening of the Spheres at the start of the year. Creating a mini rainforest inside their Seattle headquarters may have made the refurb newsworthy but the true intent behind the scheme was to ‘create a unique gathering place where employees could collaborate and innovate together.’ The outcome is breath-taking and no doubt the envy of office workers the world over.


The benefits of a generously planted work space are plentiful. In a recent article, HR specialists CIPHR list seven, including reducing stress, increasing productivity and cleaning the office air; linking to studies with impressive figures such as a 37% fall in reported tension and anxiety when plants are introduced to a work environment. With figures like that, it’s a wonder why there’s an office anywhere without a bit of greenery.


In the world of competitive workplace contracts and shared spaces, being the same as any other office space just won’t cut it. Creative people are looking for their next business home to be as innovative as they are, or at the very least interesting. Using a Living Wall system is a fabulous way to get in on the trend and make your spaces lush and Instagrammable.

Getting the right combination is key to keeping your workspace vibrant.


Here are our top picks for Living Wall plants to bring out your inner Jungle:


Chlorophytum comosum

Also known as Spider Plant native to South Africa. Widely known for it’s air filtering super powers, this is the guy that’s really going to amp up productivity and positivity.


Pilaea rotundifolia

More affectionately known as the button fern, the Rotundifolia is an evergreen fern that will depth to a Living Wall with it’s dark green textured fronds. Unlike other ferns, it’s not a fan of moist and humid so can survive on minimal watering.


Maranta ‘Tricolour’

This is an evergreen with a splash of extra colour, their leaves fold during the evening which has led to them affectionately being referred to as the ‘prayer plant’. Native to central and south America as well as the West Indies, a Maranta is perfect for a tropical vibe.


Philodendron scandens ‘Brasil’

Easily recognised by its heart-shaped glossy leaves, this evergreen is a climber and tie sections of your Urban Jungle together whilst adding diversity.


Scindapsus pictus ‘Trebie’

This guy is a grower, perfect for adding fullness to your Living Wall. And its silvery shades help create a depth of variation without too many overpowering colours.


In the Urban Jungle trend, more is more. More plants, more coverage, more variety. Living Walls provide an excellent addition to conventional office plants, and because they’re planted vertically, it means you can maximise your green without losing valuable floor space.


There are a lot of great ways to create this look yourself, but maintenance is key. The most common misconception we see is people thinking a Living Wall will look after itself, but they still need a lot of TLC to keep brown leaves at bay. That’s where our expert team of horticulturists come in; after installing with minimal disruption, and we visit bi-weekly to tend to your plants. We are partnered with a leading supplier in Europe and the USA who build the very best living wall systems available, so we’re best positioned to advise on the best system to suit your space and budget.

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