Lush Living Walls

April 5, 2017

Living walls, or green walls as they are also known, are a great way to add plants to a space, indoors or out. They are a beautiful design feature and add masses of lovely planting without the need for floor space. This makes them particularly perfect in urban locations, where space is often in short supply.


Their popularity has only being growing (pun intended... sorry) so we thought we'd share some of the top benefits of the green wall revolution.



Keep Cool | Stay Warm

Surrounding your building with plants inside or out can help to regulate the indoor temperature, insulating the space, keeping the air cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This reduces the need for air conditioning and heating which is good for the environment and saves money on your energy bills too.


No Space, No Problem

Even a smaller space can benefit from a living wall. They take up very little room compared with floor standing and desk plants and introduce a mass of planting. This can help to improve indoor air which helps with the overall health and well being of a building's inhabitants. Healthy people are productive people!


 Image via Mobilane


Healthy Building

Indoor planting has been proven to help the air in buildings by filtering common toxins and releasing lots of oxygen. They naturally absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which we all need plenty of. Living walls bring masses of plants into one space, all working to fill the room with fresh air.


 Image via Mobilane


Plants not only insulate buildings in terms of temperature but also help with reducing noise levels. This is particularly true of living walls as they introduce all those soft leaves and pockets of air that dampen noise. In modern open plan spaces this is particularly useful, creating quiet areas for meetings and concentration.



On top of all of these great benefits living walls are just great to look at! A really stunning, contemporary way to add living plants to your space while saving space.


You can find out more about how our expert horticultural team can advise, install and care for your very own wall here and all the benefits of living plants here


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