It Can Always Be Summer Inside

November 10, 2016

Autumn has certainly come to London and it's the time for wrapping up and staying cosy. It means spending more time indoors hiding from the ever colder days and darker evenings


So to help beat the blues and keep your indoor environment full of fresh air, here's our pick of the best air cleaning indoor plants. Add any of these plants to your desk or home to improve the air you breathe all through the colder months!



Spathiphyllum, know as Spaths or Peace Lilies are great desk plants. They have glossy green leaves and tall white flowers. They are one of the plants a NASA study found cleans the air of toxins commonly found in modern cleaning products and office equipment.

They don't need very much light to thrive and just need watering when the soil is dry.



Sanseveria Laurentii

Sanseveria Laurentii also called Snake Plant or Mother in Law's Tongue used to be used to make bow strings due to their fibrous leaves. You can use it to clean the indoor air!

With it's lovely variegated leaves and structured shape it looks great in pots or mass planted, 

It also filters common toxins such a formaldehyde and benzene, both known carcinogens. 

They like a warm spot with lots of light. Be careful not to over water, especially over winter and don't get much water on the leaves as this can cause them to rot.


Epipremnum Aureum






































Epipremnum aureum also called many names including money plant and golden pothos, is a climbing plant that can be grown in pots or used to create dense green walls. It's also on the NASA list of air cleaning plants. The heart shaped variegated leaves make it an attractive house plant and it is also very easy to look after because of it's hardiness. It will do well even in poor light and with occasional watering. Just make sure the soil is never soggy.



Anthuriums are a flowering plant also known as Flamingo flower. They have interestingly shaped leaves and shiny flowers that come in a range of colours from white through greens and pinks to deep red. They are fans of indirect but bright light and do well if you let them dry out between each watering. They are great at cleaning the air removing xylene and toluene from the air. These common components of ink and solvents can cause headaches and nausea when inhaled.


Perhaps most importantly plants indoors make us feel better by making us feel connected with nature when the trees outdoors are bare. Introducing some colour during the darker months can be particularly beneficial to your mood. They can also make you more productive at work - reducing fatigue and minor respiratory conditions.


For more on the benefits of plants talk to our of our sales people or find further resources on our Why Plants page. 


To add some well cared for planting to your workplace and improve your environment for the wintry months please call us on 0207 822 8696.



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