Plant of the Moment - Orchids

Our whole team are passionate about plants and so we have been talking to talented Horticulturalist Tim about one of his favourite flowering plants - the elegant Orchid.


I Love Orchids! Beautiful long-lasting exotic flowers with hundreds of colour and pattern variations- What’s not to Like?


There are many different kinds of Orchid, but the most common, and the one we use mostly at Plant Designs is the Phalenopsis, or ‘Moth Orchid’, so called because the shape of the flower resembles a moth.

I reckon the best way to keep this plant in good condition is to put it in a brightly lit area, though not in hot sun which can burn it. It should always be slightly damp, but not wet. If you can, the very best way to water an orchid is to ‘dunk’ or almost submerge it in a large container of water, hold it there for a few minutes until all the pieces of bark have absorbed some water, then lift it out and let it drain. It shouldn’t need watering again for at least a week in summer and 2 to 3 weeks in winter, depending on local conditions of course.


Eventually, usually after about 6, 8, or even 12 weeks, all the flowers will have died off. At this time cut the empty stem off down near the base, keep watering the plant and give it good light and in about  4 to 6 weeks, if you’re lucky, it will begin to grow a new flower stem. If it doesn’t seem to want to do this try moving it to a different position, slightly cooler, warmer, brighter or even slightly darker, this will often stimulate the plant into action. Because Orchids originate in steamy hot jungles they especially like bright kitchens and bathrooms because of the humidity.


With a little care and the right position an orchid can be kept in flower almost continuously all year round. What a plant!

Thanks to Tim for his orchid tips and tricks! You can get orchids for your workplace from our incredible new FAB range, cared for by Tim and our Horticultural team.


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