Plants At Work Week


Have you found one of our friendly plants asking to come to work with you? These little plants are called Spathiphyllum, also known as Peace Lilies and are one of the best plants for cleaning toxins from indoor air.

We'd love you to tweet or email us a picture of your new desk plant for the chance to win an orchid display delivered to your desk!

We hope you're enjoying the company of your new air cleaning workmate. 

Lean office environments have been shown to be unproductive and harmful to workers' well being. When you can see a plant from your desk you are likely to perform and feel better. This makes for a nicer place of business and better work produced. You can find out more about this research on our Why Plants page.


You can follow all the goings on during Plants at Work Week and find our more using #plantsatworkweek and visit the eFig website for more on indoor planting and why plants at work are such a necessary addition.


If you are in need of some well cared for plants in your office, have a look at Our Services to see how we can help you create a beautiful and more productive work place.

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