Living walls are a contemporary way to add live planting to your office environment, covering a small or large area in lush greenery.

Increasingly popular in large cities and corporate environments, add a real statement to your space while those plants clean the air, regulate the temperature and absorb noise.


What we can provide:

  • Bespoke design and installation of living walls

  • Entire walls as well as green picture frames and room dividers

  • Interior and exterior walls in all shapes and sizes

  • Screening in various sizes to reduce noise and create privacy

  • Ongoing maintenance to keep your display looking lush

  • Masses of air cleaning plants without the need for floor space

  • Moss walls to add greenery with less maintenance


We are partnered with a leading supplier who build the very best living wall systems available. With our Horticultural team to advise on planting and to take care of the ongoing maintenance, you can be sure of the greenest walls in London. Adding beautiful plants to your office space that start green and stay that way.


Please see our brochure below or get in touch with our knowledgeable team for further information.

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